Top 11 Essential Marketing Strategies You Need Before Starting A Small Business

Are you facing problems with starting your small business? If yes, then have a glance at the marketing strategies for small businesses.

1- Google My Business account

2- Coupon deal sites

3- Advertise in Print Media

4- Speak at events

5- Social Media

6- Informative webinars

7- Join business groups

8- Awesome business cards

9- Content marketing

10- Staff Incentives

11- Mail Marketing

Beginners Guide: How To Grow Your Small Business With Marketing

Small businesses often have a stiff marketing budget to work with, which can pose a challenge in promoting your business. To help grow your small business with marketing, Marketingforhelp Company has come up with innovation and technical mechanisms to make it happen in just no time.

We are here to help you grow your small business with marketing. The very question, before we begin, is that are you sure about starting a business? First of all, build an attractive and compelling website which can attract customers from all over the world. Let’s talk about what business means?

- If you want to get rid of your private job and become your boss, go for business.
- If you have plenty of passion and have probably considered a variety of small business ideas but always found yourself lost due to lack of proper direction, you can start with the given choices listed below.

To assist at every step, Marketingforhelp Company has launched marketing strategies for a small business pdf file that can easily be downloaded here.

Are You Ready To Grow Your Small Business With Marketing?

The aim of marketing your small business is to connect your business’ value to the right customer base. Let's start the first guide on marketing strategies for small business by understanding your customers:

1- Demographics  2- Behaviours Interests, Likes and Dislikes.  3- Online Presence Mapping.

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Who is A Customer?

In the world of Marketing, your target audience, who is interested in purchasing/investing your products and services is a customer.

The Best Small Business Ideas You Can Think in 2021

If you want to get the best small business ideas, here’s a list of some ideas below-

a- A handyman who can fix things around the house.
b- A woodworker who can craft beautiful furniture out of wood.
c- Online Dating Consultant who can help in providing a perfect match for you.
d- Sewing Specialist who can stitch clothes and make dresses.
e- Freelance Developer who can build websites for small businesses.
f- Personal Trainer who can be your gym guide and offer consultations on nutrition.
g- A content writer who can write blogs, quality contents for your websites.
h- Translator if you can speak foreign languages fluently.
i- Garden Designer who can design clients’ outdoor spaces and garden.
j- Ecommerce store owner and shopkeeper who generally collect and sell goods to customers.
k- Videographer and Photographer who can conduct photo shoots and create great videos.
l- Travel Planner who can plan perfect vacations for the clients.

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Essential Marketing Strategies You Need Before Starting A Small Business

Google My Business account

For small businesses especially, a Google Business Profile has become one of the most efficacious free marketing strategies available.
If you want your Google Business Profile to rank up higher on Google Search, you need for your profile, and to optimize it, you need to have authenticated ownership of it—which is done through your Google My Business Account.
Ranking your Google My Business (GMB) listing is one of the most puissant things you can do for your business.
Google My Business merges all your discrete Google platforms into one central place, which encompasses your Google+ profile, Google Maps profile, your Google reviews, access to data on Google Analytics and Google Insights, and much more.
So, it should be on your priority list to rank your business on GMB listings under top 3. And it is not that hard to rank your GMB listing, just optimize your profile and collect reviews and citations. GMB is marked as the best marketing strategies for small businesses.

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Content marketing

It is the process of creating and distributing valuable, apposite, and consistent content to attract, engage your potential audience in your products and expect for some profitable customer action.

Content marketing is however not easy and requires every element to be done right like:

1. Excellent quality content
2. Pertinent topics
3. Upgraded for SEO
4. Revamped for readers
5. Consistent content creation & publicize your products.

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Coupon deal sites

Whether you sell a product or offer a service, you can use coupon deal sites like Groupon, BeFrugal, Swagbucks and so on to quickly promote your business. Coupon deal sites assemble massive audiences, combined by location, and then allow local, regional or even national businesses to offer limited-time discounts to their members. The primary motive for using coupon deal sites is not sales. Offer a more remarkable discount than other companies and your products will be more saleable than before. The goal is to get people in your door or checking out your product, and from there, your customer retention strategies kick in. It’s also necessary to have exemplary customer service during the period after running your deal, with the anticipation that your coupon-driven customers will be even tougher to please than normal customers.

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Social Media

Enhancing social media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and more) engagement and setting up a community online is a free way to grow your small business while advertising your brand’s products and building trust with your audience. LinkedIn is a major social media site that is often underused. Instead of just going online and signing out, enter into conversations with the connections you have built, advertise your brand and share your blog posts and offers, pitch in and contribute to forums, and share quality content.
1. Popularize your blog posts, which can drive traffic to your posts.
2. Directly start a conversation with your followers to express your brand voice and amass more engagement.
3. Run polls and request feedback from your followers.
You can also host Social Media Contests or Giveaways to get potential clients to your services. Make sure you are regularly active on the social media accounts you have created. Make a community in your social media accounts and collaborate with them frequently. Be consistent with your work and fulfil your commitments.

Informative webinars

A webinar is essentially a seminar that is taken online by a speaker from the hosting business in the form of a presentation, demonstration or discussion. An apt topic for the webinar can drive a large batch of new subscribers to your list. It can also be used to build integrity with your current subscribers. Webinars tend to be more winsome than simple videos because the actual start time and live Q&A is more likely to make people feel like they are acquiring significantly more value than if they were watching a relevant video with the same information. So if you want to conduct webinars, all you need to have is a proper presentation of your business products and a webinar software which comprises of a 2-way audio system, screen share and polls or feedback option.

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Staff Incentives

Provide incentives to your staff members who can refer new clients and it doesn’t necessarily have to be monetary; incentives can even be offered in the form of:
1. Offer a day off to the staffs who can get to sleep in late for a certain period and so a day's leave for them.
2. Membership to publications in certain areas (of their choice).
3. Discount vouchers for massages, movie nights, restaurants.
If you can figure out what they crave most, you can motivate them by satiating their needs to help grow your business. To successfully promote your business, hold training sessions and teach your staffs accordingly.

Advertise in Print Media

Gone are those days when one used to spread himself on the roadside to sell his products. With the advent of computers, much of the world has moved online, but print media still exists, and in some areas, it still thrives.
Though print media is decreasing in overall popularity, pricing for ad placement drops as well. In the right niches, it is now possible to run potent ads at incredibly affordable prices.

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Join business groups

Becoming a member of local business groups will give you the scope to meet up with other similar people and get business marketing help who already share some common ground with you which is owning a business. There may exist other entrepreneur groups, but you might find some niche-specific groups and meetups in your area. You might get a good opportunity to showcase your ideas, share referrals, find talent, and identify new opportunities. These business groups can also lead to joint ventures and beneficial partnerships thus extending your network around the city in which you live. Joint ventures examples include- 1. A beauty therapist could offer free pedicures for a hair stylist’s clients. 2. An IT company can offer movie tickets vouchers to its employees

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Mail Marketing

Like with any marketing strategy, success always comes down to targeted creativity. You can’t just spam people and wait for a return on your investment. Just like people need to be compelled to click your blog post headline, you need to compel mail recipients to unfurl your letters. Stand out from the crowd by using a coloured envelope. Make it look interesting by using an unusual shape, size or material which can impel the recipients to open the letter. Implement any means to grab attention. Focus on the content, the heading must be enticing, and your copywriting essentially should hold the reader's attention throughout your pitch.

Speak at events

To gain recognition as an authority, few things are more poignant than being a speaker at popular events in your niche. While accomplishments or visible influence often results in getting invitations to speak at larger events, you can also work your way into these opportunities by becoming a talented orator and delivering great talks at smaller events. Now the question arises- in which types of events should you speak?
- Local clubs like Rotary, Lion’s, Chamber of Commerce.
- Business networking groups.
- Certain interest clubs (photography, hiking, sewing, etc.)
- Search for local events on and

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Awesome business cards

Get yourself some small, attractive business cards, then hand them over to every person you see.

Every handshake should be provided with your business card. The more you disclose your business among people, the better it is, even if it's just a glance at a business card.

The main motive should be attracting potential customers, engaging them in your products or services and retaining them in your company.

You can also run a brand awareness campaign on wheels, spreading your words all over town by distributing pamphlets.

Already have a business? Want to grow it?

If you already have established your business and want to know how to grow your small business with marketing then you are in the right place. We are providing you with all sorts of tips about how to grow your business.

Marketing tips for small business owners

If you are a businessman and want to grow your business, here are some tips of marketing help for small business owners

What is the role of marketing strategies for small business?

Marketing strategies for small business efficiently connects you with the right customer and this is what you need at the early start.
Let us take an example: suppose you have learnt web development and you decide to teach children and put a hoarding outside your house. You buy a few computers for the new students but you got only two students after a few days. Only the passer-by would look at your hoarding and walk away.
The reason you don't get enough students is that there is a lack of proper marketing. You need to go online and market your coaching business to lure students.
This is why the right marketing strategies for small businesses is so important to allow you to connect with potential customers and inform them of all the services you provide. It builds brand recognition, boosts sales and assists you make your mark on the world.

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